Castle escape


Start Location: Grajska planota 1, 1000 Ljubljana • Show on the map


1 hour


Are you up for an original castle adventure? A great opportunity for a little different socializing with friends or colleagues in the picturesque surroundings of Ljubljana Castle. Embark on a mission to save the famous dragon - with some knowledge, luck and tricks you will surely find it. It will be fun!

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A tense adventure game with elements of the "escape room" game, in which you will learn about history and have fun. Five fun trials await you, in which you will learn about the city's history, have a lot of fun and maybe even save the dragon - the very dragon, the guardian of the city, who crashed into the ground after a fight with Knight Yuri. Everything shows that the townspeople miss the dragon, because its images can be found in the city coat of arms and on the flag, on the Dragon Bridge, on the license plates of Ljubljana, on the canal covers, on the stairs of the castle tower ... clubs as it exemplifies power and greatness. But: where did he disappear to?

One day, during the restoration of the castle, a deep abyss suddenly opened. It smoked from time to time. Reputable researchers from all over the world brought state-of-the-art equipment to the scene, and it was an immensely deep perception of the faint pulse of life. Is there perhaps a dragon at the bottom of the abyss?

But who could revive him? Only the noblest, most resourceful, most honest, bravest and most devoted knight can cope with the task. Perhaps you are the ones who will prove in five dragon trials that you are brave enough and that noble blood is flowing in your veins? But beware: you only have one hour!

The interactive game begins and ends in the Info Center. There, after getting acquainted with the general conditions, the team gets a game plan and a medallion. The team consists of two to four players, who must solve five riddle knightly trials and make their way to the research camp in one hour at the latest in various rooms within the castle walls. There, the last, most important ordeal awaits them: the resurrection of the dragon. Only the best can succeed.

One hour, one team, one goal: revive the dragon!

Start location: Grajska planota 1, 1000 Ljubljana • Show on the map

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Easy (Most guests can participate)

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